Water Wars in the News

News Archive 2015-2016


Pressure Mounts for Release of Federal Report after Discovery of Asian Carp
7/15/2017 | PBS NewsHour online

Asian Carp Discovered Close to Lake Michigan as Trump Pushes Budget Cuts
6/23/2017 | Chicago Tribune

Great Lakes Funding Under the Trump Budget
6/22/2017 | Wisconsin Public Radio “Central Time” program

Lake Superior Is Our Most Overlooked Playground
6/1/2017 | Outside Magazine

Great Lakes States Uphold Approval of Waukesha Water Diversion Plan
4/21/2017 | Wisconsin Public Radio “Central Time” program

Waukesha Water Diversion Plan Clears Major Hurdle
4/21/2017 | Michigan Radio

Great Lakes Mayors Ask for Reversal of Waukesha Water Diversion Proposal
3/22/2017 | Wisconsin Public Radio “Central Time” program

Trump’s proposed budget would gut Great Lakes cleanup, a ‘game-changer’ for the region
3/19/2017 | PBS NewsHour online

Wisconsin City at Forefront of ‘Water Wars’
1/16/2017 | The Toledo Blade


Northland College Tackles Great Lakes Restoration Future
9/27/2016 | Duluth News Tribune

Annin Says Waukesha Water Agreement a Historic Deal
6/27/2016 | Ashland Daily Press

Wisconsin City Wins Bid for Lake Michigan Water
6/22/2016 | Chicago Tribune

Waukesha Puts Great Lakes Compact to the Test
6/21/2016 | Politico

Great Lakes Officials Scale Back Waukesha Water Diversion Plan
4/24/2016 | Michigan Public Radio

Minnesotans Overwhelmingly Speak Out Against Waukesha Diversion Plan
3/4/2016 | Wisconsin Public Radio

Plan to Pipe Great Lakes Water Draws Fire
2/28/2016 | Duluth News Tribune

Waukesha, Wisconsin has a contaminated groundwater supply and wants to take water from Lake Michigan, but it’s not that easy
2/9/2016 | Michigan Public Radio’s Stateside Program

Great Lakes Governors to Decide Waukesha Water Proposal
1/20/2016 | Interlochen Public Radio


Who’s Waiting in Line Behind Waukesha to Divert Water From the Great Lakes?
12/17/2015 | MinnPost

Wisconsin City Wants to Pump Its Drinking Water from Lake Michigan
12/16/2015 | Michigan Public Radio

In Waukesha’s Bid to Tap Great Lakes, An Expert Separates Wheat from Chaff
12/16/2015 | MinnPost

Waukesha Plan to Receive Lake Michigan Water Advances
12/9/2015 | Milwukee Public Radio

Bottling Plan for Water from Lake Superior Basin Shelved
9/15/2015 | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

How Waukesha, Wis. Could Change the Way We Use Great Lakes Water
9/8/2015 | Minnesota Public Radio

Waukesha Plan for Lake Michigan Water Raises Worries
8/25/2015 | The New York Times

Public Speaks Out on Waukesha’s Proposal to Tap into Lake Michigan
8/18/2015 | Wisconsin Public Radio

National journalist, research scientist to codirect new freshwater center
4/26/2015 | Duluth News Tribune

Protecting the Waters of Lake Michigan
2/4/2015 | National Public Radio’s Marketplace

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