Great Lakes & Other Water Issues - Archived Articles
December 2008 - September 2008

December 2008

Group Pushes for Great Lakes Water Conservation Measures
The Muskegon Chronicle (MI) – December 31, 2008

Great Lakes Compact Considered Legislative Success
Podcast, WCLO-Radio (WI) – December 31, 2008

Battle over Little Lake Heats Up
The Los Angeles Times – December 31, 2008

Rain, Snow Clouds Have Silver Lining for Water Levels
The Owen Sound Sun-Times (Ontario) – December 31, 2008

Sierra Snowpack below Normal, Surveyors Find
The San Francisco Chronicle – December 31, 2008

Calif. Water Woes Need Broad Approach
Commentary, The Sacramento Bee – December 31, 2008

An Environmental Look Back at 2008 – Water Made a Big Splash
WKOW-TV (WI) – December 30, 2008

Available Water May Not Meet Oregon's Needs
The Seattle Post Intelligencer – December 30, 2008

China Modifies Water-Diversion Plan over Environmental Concerns
The Wall Street Journal – December 30, 2008

Solving the Water Wars
Editorial, – December 30, 2008

Groups Urge Congress to Invest in Great Lakes, Improve Water Conservation
WXXI Radio (NY) – December 29, 2008

Laser Experiment Aimed at Saving Farm Water
Associated Press – December 29, 2008

Great Lakes Water Levels Rise Up
The Bay City Times (MI) – December 29, 2008

Tampa Region Likely to See More Water Restrictions – December 29, 2008

Running Dry, Running Out: UK Wasting Too Much Water
The Guardian (UK) – December 29, 2008

Great Lakes Could Ease Pressure of Ohio's Population Squeeze
Editorial, The Toledo Blade (OH) – December 28, 2008

Energy Dispute over Rockies Riches: Oil Vs. Water
The Los Angeles Times – December 28, 2008

South Florida Water Managers Want More Reservoirs, Limits on Use
The South Florida Sun-Sentinel – December 28, 2008

Lake Havasu Looking for More Water
The Lake Havasu News-Herald (AZ) – December 27, 2008

Suburbs Thirst for Comprehensive Water Plan
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – December 26, 2008

Why Isn't Bottler Paying for Water?
Editorial, The Jackson City Patriot (MI) – December 26, 2008

Forecasts Predict Another Year of Drought for Florida
The Orlando Sentinel (FL) – December 26, 2008

More Colorado River Water on Tap
The Boulder Daily Camera (CO) – December 26, 2008

Easy Water No More
The Daytona Beach News-Journal (FL) – December 24, 2008

Ancient Water Source Vital for Australia
Reuters – December 24, 2008

Detroit Using Canadian Water Since 1964
CBC News (Canada) – December 23, 2008

Nebraska Could Face Smaller Water Bill from Kansas – December 23, 2008

Ontario: Detroit Taking Canada's Water Without OK
The Chicago Tribune – December 23, 2008

Prescott Wins Battle in Groundwater Fight
The Arizona Republic – December 23, 2008

Study Shows Nebraska Irrigators Concerned About Water Availability
NTV (NE) – December 22, 2008

Lake Lanier Weathers Winter Drought
Photo Gallery, The Atlanta Journal Constitution – December 22, 2008

Water for Plants = Less for Humans
The Daytona Beach News-Journal (FL) – December 22, 2008

Lake Lanier's Return to Full Will Be a Long Time Coming
The Atlanta Journal Constitution – December 21, 2008

'Forgotten' Lake Shows South's Stubborn Drought
Associated Press – December 21, 2008

Study Lists Global Warming Threats to Ohio, Lake Erie
The Akron Beacon Journal (OH) – December 19, 2008

Madison Water Rates Rise, Wisconsin's First Low-Flow Toilet Rebate Offered
Wisconsin State Journal – December 19, 2008

Don't Give Away Idaho's Water
Commentary, The Idaho Mountain Express and Guide (ID) – December 19, 2008

Why Buy Water?
Commentary, The Burlington Post (VT) – December 19, 2008

Proposed Gas Drilling in Upstate NY Raises Concerns about Water Supply
The New York Times – December 18, 2008

Calif. Must Boost Water Storage
Editorial, The Contra Costa Times (CA) – December 18, 2008

How New President Could Impact Great Lakes
WRVO, NPR Radio – December 18, 2008
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Should Milwaukee Act to Ban the (Water) Bottle?
Commentary, – December 18, 2008

Great Lakes and Mighty Mississippi: Breaking Up Not So Hard to Do
The Charlevoix Courier (MI) – December 18, 2008

Governor's Panel Says Calif. Must Fix Water System – December 17, 2008

Pushing for Clean Energy with Hydropower
Editorial, The Welland Tribune (Ontario) – December 17, 2008

Bill Seeks to Settle Utah's Water Wars
The Salt Lake Tribune – December 17, 2008

Obama Picks Salazar, Senator with Expertise in Water Law, as Interior Secretary
The Los Angeles Times – December 17, 2008

City Caps Bottle Deal with Nestle
The Sarnia Observer (Ontario) – December 16, 2008

U.S. Tightens the Tap on Water from Northern California
The Los Angeles Times – December 16, 2008

Leeds Students Ban Bottled Water
The Guardian (UK) – December 16, 2008

Utah Rep. Wants Water Projects Included in Stimulus Bill
The Salt Lake Tribune (UT) – December 15, 2008

Leaders Must Take Bold Action to Ensure Water Supply for All
Editorial, The Western Farm Press (CA) – December 15, 2008

Water Director Hopes for Rain – Not Too Much, Not Too Little
The Maui News (HI) – December 15, 2008

Absopure Water Co. Withdrawals Concern Some in Columbia Township
The Jackson Citizen-Patriot (MI) – December 14, 2008

The Delta Debate: Resurrecting the Canal
The Sacramento Bee – December 14, 2008

Now is the Time to Protect Florida's Precious Springs
Commentary, The Ocala Star-Banner (FL) – December 14, 2008

U.N Appoints Controversial 'Water Czar' to Form Policy on Water
FOX News – December 12, 2008

Experts Hopeful Milwaukee Can Lead on Freshwater Science, Industry – December 12, 2008

Scientific Research or Dangerous Plan for Calif. Aquifer?
The Chico News & Review (CA) – December 12, 2008

Canadian Company Angers Floridians with Water Request for Sturgeon Farm
The Bradford County Telegraph (FL) – December 11, 2008

Aquifer Drops to Critical Drought Level
News 8 Austin (TX) – December 11, 2008

Stock Water Dust-Up Growing
The Yakima Herald-Republic (WA) – December 11, 2008

Under Compact, Water Conservation Required in Goderich
CKNX Radio (Canada) – December 10, 2008

Water Festival to Put Focus on Great Lakes
Grand Traverse Herald (MI) – December 10, 2008

Washington Releases Yakima River Water Review
The Seattle Post Intelligencer (WA) – December 10, 2008

Calif. Water Contractors Challenge Fish and Game Commission
MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal – December 9, 2008

Lake Lanier: Coalition Plans to Bolster Ga. Stake in Water War
The Atlanta Journal Constitution – December 8, 2008

Landmark Great Lakes Protections Take Effect
Commentary, The Grand Rapids Press (MI) – December 8, 2008

Don't Cause Major Drought in Attempt to Protect Delta Ecosystem
Editorial, Contra Costa Times (CA) – December 7, 2008

Great Lakes Compact Kicks in Monday – December 6, 2008

Augusta, Ga. Sues over Company's Canal Use
The Augusta Chronicle (GA) – December 6, 2008

DuPage Working to Connect More Households to Lake Michigan Water
The Chicago Tribune – December 5, 2008

Climate Change, Drought to Strain Colorado River
The Associated Press – December 5, 2008

Snake Valley Pipeline Talks Focusing on Water
The Salt Lake Tribune – December 5, 2008

Dying for a Drink
TIME Magazine – December 4, 2008

Drought Forces Australian State to Purchase Water
The Associated Press – December 4, 2008

Register Water Use to Protect Claim
The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel (IN) – December 4, 2008

The Machine Creating Drinking Water Out of Thin Air – December 4, 2008

Toronto Bans Water Bottles – December 3, 2008

Four Indicted in Truckee-Carson Water Scam
The Reno Gazette Journal (NV) – December 3, 2008

Group Sues Stockton, Calif. Over Development, Water
The Lodi News-Sentinel – December 3, 2008

Ethanol Company to Contribute to Lake Huron Waterline
The Lakeshore Advance (Ontario) – December 3, 2008

100,000 Gallon Water Users Should Register with State Soon
The Muncie Free Press (IN) – December 3, 2008

Detroit May Run Its Water System Again Soon
Detroit Free Press – December 3, 2008

Recycled Drinking Water Gives New Meaning to Bottoms Up!
The (Los Angeles) – December 2, 2008

Great Perils of the Great Lakes
The Christian Science Monitor – December 2, 2008

Great Lakes Compact Goes into Effect for Wisconsin on Dec. 8th
News Release, Wisconsin DNR – December 2, 2008

California Water Board Revokes Permits for Auburn Dam
The Seattle Post Intelligencer – December 2, 2008

Water Sales Would Benefit Oklahoma, Texas
Editorial, The Dallas Morning News – December 2, 2008

UAC, Conservationists Ramp up Fight against Pipeline to Las Vegas
The Salt Lake Tribune (UT) – December 2, 2008

Strike a Deal over Oklahoma Water
Editorial, Fort Worth Star Telegram (TX) – December 2, 2008

L.A. Water Consumption Down
The Los Angeles Daily News – December 2, 2008

Groups Ask Judge to Stop Delta Water Flows
San Jose Mercury News (CA) – December 1, 2008

Kansas, Colorado Battling Again in Arkansas River Water Case
The Wichita Eagle (KS) – December 1, 2008

Nestle Advertisement Misleading, Groups Allege
The Globe and Mail (Toronto) – December 1, 2008

An Interview with Maude Barlow
The Progressive magazine – December

November 2008

Lake Lanier: How Low Will It Go?
The Gainesville Times (FL) – November 30, 2008

City May Close Tap on Bottled Water
The New York Daily News – November 30, 2008

Water-Use Assessment Tool is Live for Testing
Michigan Farm Bureau News – November 30, 2008

Elm Grove Water Plan To Forgo Lake Michigan Might Cost $6 Million
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – November 30, 2008

Waukesha Eyes Land, Lake for Future Water Supply
The Waukesha Freeman (WI) – November 29, 2008
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Water Firm at Low Ebb May Be Part of Rising Tide
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – November 29, 2008

Water Use Down in Las Vegas
AP Article, San Diego Union Tribune – November 28, 2008

Erie Makes Splash With Water Plan
Commentary, The Erie Times-News (PA) – November 28, 2008

Canadians Not Serious About Our Water
Editorial, The Globe and Mail (Toronto) – November 27, 2008

Troubled Waters: The Leaps and Leaks of the Great Lakes Compact
Toledo City Paper (OH) – November 26, 2008

Alrighty Then: After Compact, More Water Work Needed
Editorial, The Bay City Times (MI) – November 26, 2008

Water Flow Out of Lake Hartwell Cut
The Greenville News (NC) – November 26, 2008

Water Woes: Kicking the Bottle Can Save You Money
Commentary, KSBY News (CA) – November 25, 2008

Sessions Will Shed Light on Water Withdrawal Rules
Press Release, Capital News Service (MI) – November 25, 2008

Make a Last Stand for Great Lakes on Chicago River Diversion
Editorial, The Bay City Times (MI) – November 25, 2008

Striving to Be Green
The Arizona Republic – November 25, 2008

Tariff Trials for British Water Customers: Use Less, Pay Less
BBC – November 25, 2008

Desalination: The Ultimate Solution?
High Country News – November 24, 2008

Water Resources Dwindling in Australia's 'Food Basket'
AFP News Service (Australia) – November 23, 2008

Waukesha Water Plan Gets Initial Green Thumbs Up
Greater Milwaukee Today – November 23, 2008

The Colors of Michigan Envirospeak: Great Lakes Compact
Commentary, The Traverse City Record-Eagle (MI) – November 23, 2008

Editorial, Beware of Water Wars: China's Future Plans Threaten Other Countries' Supply
The Times of India – November 23, 2008

From Deep in Lake Ontario Comes a Natural Coolant
Science Daily – November 22, 2008

Estimates of Getting Lake Water Start at $50 Million
Greater Milwaukee Today – November 21, 2008

Lake Levels Have Shoreline Property Owners Concerned
The Press newspapers (OH) – November 20, 2008

GA Governor Encouraged by Federal Position in Tri-State Water War
The Daily Chattanoogan (TN) – November 20, 2008

Judge Won't Slash Water Contracts to Protect Smelt
The San Jose Mercury News (CA) – November 20, 2008

Close Loophole in Great Lakes Pact
Editorial, The Traverse City Record-Eagle (MI) – November 20, 2008

Most California Game Fish Face Extinction Due, In Part, to Water Diversion
The San Francisco Chronicle – November 20, 2008

Thanks to Conservation, Water Rates to Rise 17% in 2009
The Atlanta Journal Constitution – November 20, 2008

Lake Powell Pipeline Will Ensure the Future of Southern Utah
Commentary, The St. George Daily Spectrum (UT) – November 19, 2008

Environmental Groups Want Pact Controlling Great Lakes Water Strengthened
Associated Press – November 18, 2008

Drip Irrigation May Not Save Water, Analysis Finds
The New York Times – November 18, 2008

California Unprepared for Effects of Warming, Report Says
San Francisco Chronicle – November 18, 2008

Lake Coal Trade Affected by Low Water Levels
Dredging News Online – November 17, 2008

Environmental Commissioner Say Ontario Takes Water for Granted, Must Plan for Future Droughts
The St. Catharines Standard (Ontario) – November 17, 2008

Info Sought on Great Lakes Levels' Effect
The Toledo Blade (OH) – November 17, 2008

Lake Activists Want More Protections
The Chicago Tribune – November 17, 2008

Wash. Farmers Fight Proposed Feedlot over Water
Associated Press – November 17, 2008

Two Big Water Deals Now Gain Traction
Editorial, The Sacramento Bee (CA) – November 17, 2008

Message in a Water Bottle: Eco-Savvy Kids Take on Nestle
The Globe and Mail (Toronto) – November 15, 2008

Recession May Be Just the Push Flint, Mich. Needs for Pipeline to Lake Huron
The Flint Journal (MI) – November 15, 2008

Milwaukee to Create Land Bank for Water-Related Businesses
Milwaukee Small Business Times – November 14, 2008

Water War: Governors Trade Jabs at Conference
The Atlanta Journal Constitution – November 14, 2008

"Recycling" Option Tabbed for Waukesha's Water Future
Greater Milwaukee Today – November 14, 2008

"Flow" Takes on Global Water Crisis
Traverse City Record-Eagle (MI) – November 14, 2008

A Plan To Unleash the Klamath River
Editorial, San Francisco Chronicle – November 14, 2008

Water Conservation Urged in Calif. Wildfire Area
San Jose Mercury News (CA) – November 14, 2008

Australia Pays $34mil For Darling River Water
Sydney Morning Herald (AUS) – November 14, 2008

Waukesha Unveils Details of Lake Michigan Water Plan
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – November 13, 2008

Senate's Bombshell Plan to Block Victoria-Melbourne Water Pipeline
The Australian – November 13, 2008

Farmer's Water Rates to Rise, Supplies to Fall
North County Times (CA) – November 13, 2008

Group Forecasts Booming Water Revenues by 2020
MarketWatch, Wall Street Journal – November 13, 2008

With Water, Gray Is the New Green
The Gresham Outlook (OR) – November 13, 2008

Perdue to Florida: Water Wars All About Seafood Industry
The Atlanta Journal Constitution – November 12, 2008

Shrinking Great Salt Lake Finally Easing Up
Associated Press – November 12, 2008

Pennsylvania American Water Urges Customers to Use Water Wisely
MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal – November 12, 2008

Utah County Votes to Create Water Bank
The Salt Lake tribune (UT) – November 12, 2008

Group Urges Separation Great Lakes, Mississippi Basin Waters
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – November 11, 2008

Dasani May Bottle Willamette River Water
KPTV (OR) – November 11, 2008

Nestle Bottles, Sell Filtered Framingham, Mass. Tap Water
The MetroWest Daily News (MA) – November 11, 2008

The Energy Industry and Water Use
Video, KREX-TV (CO) – November 11, 2008

Drought Leads to Agriculture Disaster Declaration
The Asheville Citizen-Times (NC) – November 11, 2008

Modernized Irrigation System Aims to Help Fish and Farmers
The Seattle Times – November 11, 2008

University of Toledo to Host Great Lakes Water Conference
News Release, University of Toledo (OH) – November 10, 2008

City Set to Crack Down on Water Use
NBC San Diego (CA) – November 10, 2008

Global Warming Could Damage Florida's Drinking Water Supply
St. Petersburg Times (FL) – November 10, 2008

Shasta Lake's Low Water Level Reveals Piece of California's Past
KEPR-TV (WA) – November 10, 2008

Erie, Crawford Counties Under Drought Watch
The Erie Times-News (PA) – November 8, 2008

Idaho Aquifer Plan Could Cost $100 Million
KIFI News (ID) – November 7, 2008

Call To Ban Bottled Water Shot Down
The Toronto Star – November 7, 2008

Broad Spectrum Involved in 'Water War'
The Jacksonville Daily Record (FL) – November 7, 2008

Water: Sustaining, Allocating It Key to Tucson's Future
The Tucson Citizen (AZ) – November 6, 2008

Australia's Water Supplies Under Pressure
ABC Science (AUS) – November 6, 2008

Water Use a Top Concern in Los Altos Hills
The San Jose Mercury News (CA) – November 6, 2008

Singapore to Become Water-Sufficient, End Reliance on Imports
The Asia Sentinel – November 6, 2008

Federal Aid Granted for 39 Tennessee Counties Gripped by Drought
The Clarksville Leaf Chronicle (TN) – November 6, 2008

New Shower Meter Measures Water-Use While You Sing and Scrub
The New York Times – November 5, 2008

Town Considers Watershed Protection Ordinance
The Norwood Post (CO) – November 5, 2008

Rain Drenches County, Helps Water Managers
The San Diego Union Tribune (CA) – November 5, 2008

East Snake River Management Draft Draws Support, Some Concerns
Idaho Business Review – November 5, 2008

Wells on the East Side of Park City Are Dry
The Park Record (UT) – November 4, 2008

Treated Wastewater for Thirsty Power Plants
Business Blog, New York – November 4, 2008

Bathroom Fixtures Can Save A Lot of Water
The Arizona Republic – November 4, 2008

Waynesville, NC Requests Water-Use Reductions
The Asheville Citizen-Times (NC) – November 4, 2008

Appeals Court to Hear Water Lawsuit over Memphis Water (AP Article) – November 3, 2008

Lake Superior Drops 4 Inches in October (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario) – November 3, 2008

New Online Tool Calculates Home Water Use
North Florida News Daily – November 3, 2008
Calculate Your Water Use Here

The Delta's Wake-up Call
Commentary, The San Francisco Chronicle – November 3, 2008

Slowdown Weighs on Bottled Water
The Calgary Herald (Canada) – November 3, 2008

Water Injection Concerns Growing over Production of Oil in Michigan
The Traverse City Record-Eagle (MI) – November 2, 2008

Drought More Menacing, But Getting Less Mention
The Atlanta Journal Constitution – November 2, 2008

Voters to Weigh Water Rights, Bonds for Cleanup
The Toledo Blade (OH) – November 2, 2008

October 2008

California Water Shortages Could Lead to Rationing, Officials Say
The Los Angeles Times – October 31, 2008

Deeper Drought May Mean Record Low for Lake Lanier
The Atlanta Journal Constitution – October 30, 2008

New Toilet Device Aims to Save Water, Create Jobs
Western Michigan Business Review – October 30, 2008

Drought Won't Faze Long Beach, Thanks to Successful Water Use Cuts
The Long Beach Press-Telegram (CA) – October 30, 2008

Calif. Cuts Water Delivers to Cities, Farms
BusinessWeek – October 30, 2008

Coca-Cola Announces New Global Targets for Water Conservation
MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal – October 30, 2008

There's Nothing Peripheral about State's Water Wars
Editorial, The Stockton Record (CA) – October 30, 2008

Rubber Dam a Concrete Remedy for Water Supply?
The San Diego Union Tribune – October 29, 2008

Del Rio City Council Says 'No' to San Antonio Water Pipeline
Del Rio Live! (TX) – October 29, 2008

Agency to Mediate Water Wars
The Gainesville Times (GA) – October 29, 2008

Petition to Save Georgian Bay Water Levels Falls Short of Expectations
The Wasaga Sun (Ontario) – October 29, 2008

Building By Necessity: Retaining Water Good Way for North Central U.S. To Keep Companies
Site Selection Magazine (trade publication) – September, 2008

Water Rights Issue Hinges on State Constitutional Change
The Dayton Daily News (OH) – October 29, 2008

U.S. Rep Cole Suggests Deal with Texas on Water
The Tulsa World (OK) – October 29, 2008

No Solution to Water Woes at Meeting to Mend Dispute
Florida – October 29, 2008

Water Rights for California's Auburn Dam Could Be Revoked
The San Jose Mercury News – October 28, 2008

Ruling Edges Tarrant, Dallas Districts Closer to Oklahoma Water Supply
The Dallas Morning News (TX) – October 28, 2008

Water Conservation Lags: Rural Usage Offsets Urban Savings
The San Diego Union Tribune – October 28, 2008

Decision Could Comes This Week on SC-GA Water Flow
The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (GA) – October 28, 2008

Report Forecasts China's Rise As Major Consumer of Water
MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal – October 28, 2008

Texas, Oklahoma Have Chance to Create Water Pact
Editorial, The Dallas Morning News – October 27, 2008

Drought, or Water Heist?
Commentary, The San Francisco Chronicle – October 26, 2008

When It Comes to Wayer, Logic Doesn't Always Prevail
Commentary, The Orlando Sentinel – October 26, 2008

Dallas Joins Fight to Buy Water from Oklahoma
The Houston Chronicle (TX) – October 25, 2008

Canada's Water Supply Should Not Be Treated As Endless
The Vancouver Sun (Canada) – October 25, 2008

Atlas of Underground Aquifers May Help Prevent Future 'Water Wars'
Newspost Online (India) – October 25, 2008

Movement Against Bottled Water Gains Municipal Adherents
The New York Times – October 24, 2008

Severe Effect on Weather, Wildlife, Water-Levels Forecast by Climate Change Panel
The Washington Post – October 24, 2008

Water-Supply Report Worth Considering
Editorial, The Waterloo Record (Ontario) – October 24, 2008

Crucial Water Rights to Be Discussed on Town Hall Ohio
News Release, The Ohio Farm Bureau – October 23, 2008

Lake County to Search for New Aquifers
The Waukegan News-Sun (IL) – October 23, 2008

Summit Addresses Freshwater Concerns
The Traverse City Record Eagle (MI) – October 23, 2008

Group: "Stop Leaks Instead of Adding Reservoirs"
The Atlanta Journal Constitution – October 23, 2008

Ohio Governor Throws Support Behind Water Issue
The Akron Beacon Journal (OH) – October 22, 2008

Forum Seeks Water Planning To 2030
The North Country Times (CA) – October 22, 2008

Lake Erie Water Fees Too Low, Environment Minister Says
The Kingston Whig-Standard (Ontario) – October 22, 2008

Ontario's Big Water Users Have Free Rein
The Ottawa Citizen (Ontario) – October 22, 2008

New Film Examines Growing Conflict over Water
Review: The Toronto Star (Ontario) – October 22, 2008

Construction of Imperial Valley Water Reservoir Begins
The Los Angeles Times – October 22, 2008

GreenPlumbers a Hit at Water Conservation Conference
MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal – October 22, 2008

Charlotte Criticized for Water Use
The Charlotte Observer (SC) – October 22, 2008

Barlow, New UN Advisor on Water Says "We Are Among the Worst Water-Wasters in the World"
The Ottawa Citizen (Ontario) – October 22, 2008

Utility Managers Planning Legal Fight Against Water Limits
The Palm Beach Post (FL) – October 21, 2008

Judge: Delta Salmon 'Unquestionably at Risk' Due to Water Diversions
The San Jose Mercury News – October 21, 2008

California Reservoirs at Lowest Levels Since 1994
The North Country Times (CA) – October 20, 2008

Tri-State Water Wars Trickle into Senate Debate
The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (GA) – October 20, 2008

Ad Campaign Says Overpopulation and Over-Immigration Threaten Water Supply
MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal – October 20, 2008

Water From Far-Off Hebei Province Makes Way to Bejing
CCTV (China) – October 19, 2008

Thirsty World's Desperate Quest for Water
Slideshow, – October 20, 2008

Water Restrictions Loom for Massachusetts in 2009
The Republican (Springfield, MA) – October 20, 2008

Water Bosses Plan Huge Pipeline
BBC News – October 20, 2008

Supreme Court Finds Moderator for Western States' Water Fight
Associated press – October 20, 2008

Michigan Lt. Gov. Wants Citizen Input on Protecting Great Lakes
The Bay City Times (MI) – October 20, 2008

Waukesha Urges Upgrade to Water-Efficient Toilets
Chicago Tribune – October 19, 2008

Plan in the Works to Cool Buildings With Lake Ontario Water
WSYR-TV (NY) – October 16, 2008

Penn. Luring Atlanta Businesses with Water Discounts
Atlanta Business Chronicle – October 16, 2008

Obama Makes Fla. A Priority in Tri-State Water War
AP Article in The Miami Herald – October 16, 2008

Ontario Minister of Natural Resources Applauds U.S. Lakes Pact
CanWest News Service (Canada) – October 16, 2008

How Pure is Bottled Water?
ABC News – October 16, 2008

When Every Drop Counts
The Charleston Post and Courier (SC) – October 16, 2008

San Diego's 'Dancing Waters' May Dry Up
The San Jose Mercury Times (CA) – October 16, 2008

Marketing Water is An Excellent Plan
Editorial, The Erie Times-News (PA) – October 15, 2008

Vote 'Yes' to Reaffirm Property Owner's Water Rights
Editorial, The Cleveland Plain Dealer – October 15, 2008

Southeast is Warned of More Water Wars Ahead – October 15, 2008

Water Request Soaks Officials
The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat (PA) – October 15, 2008

New Water Year Brings a Grim Picture
The California Farm Bureau – October 15, 2008

Tap Water Popularity Forces Pepsi to Cut Jobs
The New York Times – October 14, 2008

County Sues Panel Managing Georgia Reservoir
The Athens Banner-Herald (GA) – October 14, 2008

Water Wars in South Becoming the Norm?
Atlanta Journal Constitution – October 14, 2008

Some Bottled Water Toxicity Shown to Exceed Law
The San Francisco Chronicle – October 14, 2008

San Diego Mayor Sees Budget Cuts, Water Rationing in City's Future
San Diego Union Tribune – October 14, 2008

Using Lake Michigan Water Can Reduce Salt in Waterways
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – October 13, 2008

Bottle Brouhaha
The Jackson Citizen patriot (MI) – October 13, 2008

UConn Dorms Compete for Energy, Water Savings – October 14, 2008

Pact Pulls Plug on Great Lakes Diversions (NY) – October 14, 2008

The Ones Who Watch the Water
The Santa Barbara Independent (CA) – October 14, 2008

Kentucky County Stricken by Water Shortage Is Getting Help
The Huntington Herald-Dispatch (WV) – October 13, 2008

Maui Water Official Warns Water Use Up, Reservoirs On Decline
The Maui News (HI) – October 13, 2008

Global Warming Likely to Affect Fishing, Shipping Industries
The Toledo Blade (OH) – October 13, 2008

Water Is the Big Issue Many Politicians Ignore
Commentary, The Telegraph Journal (Canada) – October 13, 2008

Water Row May Affect Pakistan-India Ties
Reuters – October 13, 2008

On Thin Ice: Climate Change is Certain and Most Predictions Are Bad
The Toledo Blade (OH) – October 13, 2008

Southern Maine Awash in Water Wars
WCSH-TV (ME) – October 13, 2008

Fortunes Ride on the Fate of Lake Erie
The Sandusky Register (OH) – October 12, 2008

State Gives Public a Chance to Share Ideas on Great Lakes
The Holland Sentinel (MI) – October 12, 2008

Help Protect Our Priceless Waters
Commentary, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – October 11, 2008

State Makes Progress on Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool
Capital News Service (MI) – October 10, 2008

Experts Explore Socioeconomic and Environmental Impacts of Water Usage
Imperial Valley News (CA) – October 10, 2008

As Water Drops in Diamond Valley, Rationing Becomes Likely
The Los Angeles Times – October 10, 2008

Starbucks Lands in Hot Water, Turns Off the Taps
The Seattle Post Intelligencer – October 10, 2008

Water Levels May be Too Low to Save South Australia's Lakes
The Age (Australia) – October 10, 2008

Using Abundant Freshwater as Bait, Erie Fishes for Industry
The Erie Times-News (PA) – October 9, 2008

Lake Superior's Ups and Downs: Buried Forest Helps Track Historic Fluctuations
Science News – October 9, 2008

Ensuring Compliance with Waukesha Water
Editorial, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – October 8, 2008

Toronto Chips in $1.1 Million to Buy Lake for Drinking Water Security
The National Post (Canada) – October 9, 2008

On Parched Farms, Using Intuition to Find Water
The New York Times – October 9, 2008

'No One Owns Water:' Ohio Makes Issue out of Property Rights, Water
City Beat (Cincinnati, OH) – October 8, 2008

Compact Defines Rules on Tapping Great Lakes Water
Brookfield, Elm Grove Now (Waukesha, WI) – October 8, 2008

Help Save Our Waters
Commentary, Chicago Tribune – October 8, 2008

Long Beach, CA Ends Year with Record Low Water Consumption
MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal – October 8, 2008

Oak Lawn, Country Club Hills Fight over Water
The Southtown Star (Chicago, IL) – October 8, 2008

Water Seen as New Oil for U.S. Army
Reuters – October 8, 2008

The Lakes Get Protection
Editorial, The Buffalo News – October 8, 2008

Great Lakes Compact Requires State Management Plans
Editorial, The Battle Creek Enquirer (MI) – October 8, 2008

Oil Sands Will Use, Pollute Great Lakes, Report Warns
The Globe and Mail (Canada) – October 8, 2008

Lakes Compact a Big Step Forward
Editorial, The South Bend Tribune (IN) – October 8, 2008

Fines Proposed for Water use During Drought
The Indianapolis Star (IN) – October 7, 2008

Minimum Flows, Maximum Importance
Hernando Today (Tampa, FL) – October 7, 2008

Gov. Doyle to Mark Signing of the Great Lakes Compact
The Capital Times (Madison, WI) – October 6, 2008

North Carolina Lake Approaches Record Low, Water Restrictions May Follow
WSPA-TV (NC) – October 6, 2008

Thirsting for a Water Strategy
Commentary, Winnipeg Free Press (Canada) – October 6, 2008

The Great Drain Robbery: Starbucks Wastes Millions of Gallons of Water Daily
The Sun (London, England) – October 6, 2008

Starbucks Denies It Wastes Water – October 6, 2008

Desert Oasis: Gorgeous Lake Anchors Tuscan-style Village Outside Las Vegas
The Chicago Sun-Times – October 5, 2008

Compact Necessary Step in Protecting Great Lakes
Editorial, The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram (WI) – October 5, 2008

Quest for Water
The Pueblo Chieftan (CO) – October 5, 2008

Water Hub Taps into Future
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – October 4, 2008

George W. Bush Signs Agreement to Protect Great Lakes Water
Canadian Press – October 4, 2008

President Bush Signs Great Lakes Compact
Associated Press – October 3, 2008
To read Press Release from Council of Great Lakes Governors, Click Here

Wisconsin Gov. Doyle Statement on Signing of Great Lakes Compact
Press Release – October 3, 2008

Sen. Feingold Reaction to Signing of Great Lakes Compact
Press Release – October 3, 2008

Ordinance Would Allow Gray Water Use
The Augusta Chronicle (GA) – October 3, 2008

State Suing Over Waterway Diversion Loophole
Minneapolis Star Tribune – October 2, 2008

Averting Asian Water Wars
The Japan Times – October 2, 2008

Denver Water Dilemmas
Commentary, The Denver Post (CO) – October 2, 2008

Report: Handful in Waukesha County Best Served by Lake Michigan
Greater Milwaukee Today – October 1, 2008

Poll Finds Widespread Concern over Orange County Water Supply
MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal – October 1, 2008

Drought? What Drought? Residents Still Use Too Much Water
The Los Altos Town Crier (CA) – October 1, 2008

Connecting the Drops
San Francisco Bay Guardian – October 1, 2008

September 2008

No New Water for Bay Area Residents Through 2018
The San Jose Mercury News (CA) – September 30, 2008

Schwarzenegger Relents, Signs $842 Million Bill for Water Projects
The San Diego Union Tribune – September 30, 2008

After Detroit Water Rate Hike, Grosse Point Park Looks Elsewhere
The Detroit News – September 30, 2008

St. John Council Defeats Bottled Water Ban
AOL (Canada) – September 30, 2008

Online Debate: Should Water Be Properly Market Priced?

Put a Price in H2O
Commentary, The Economist – September 30, 2008

Water as a Commodity Won't Work
Commentary, The Economist – September 30, 2008
Follow the Rest of the Debate Here

Stupak Fears Should Give Us Pause
Editorial, Port Huron Times Herald (MI) – September 30, 2008

Canada Faces Water Challenges
Editorial, The Ottawa Citizen – September 30, 2008

Save Water, Make Money
U.S. News & World Report – September 30, 2008

Bottled Water at Issue in Great Lakes
The Washington Post – September 29, 2008

The O.C. Prepares for Possible Water Cut-backs
The Orange County Register (CA) – September 29, 2008

California Took On Energy Crisis, Now It Faces Water Crisis
San Francisco Chronicle – September 29, 2008

New Tucson Homes to Recycle Water
The Arizona Republic – September 29, 2008

Waukesha Testing Clean-Water System for Contaminated Wells
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – September 28, 2008

Great Lakes Barely Make Splash in D.C.
Commentary, The Toledo Blade (OH) – September 28, 2008

Plug Lakes Compact Loophole
Editorial, The Traverse City Record-Eagle (MI) – September 28, 2008

Water Wars in America
Commentary, Mother Jones magazine – September 2008

To The Point: The Right Moves of Water and More
Editorial, The Lansing State Journal (MI) – September 27, 2008

Credit Congress, But Not Kucinich and Kaptur, for Protecting Great Lakes
Editorial, The Cleveland Plain Dealer – September 27, 2008

Water, The Ultimate Resource: We Made It Burn, Now Some Want to Make It Turn
WKSU-Radio (OH) – September 26, 2008

Lawsuit Targets Wyoming Water Use
The Omaha World-Herald (NE) – September 26, 2008

New York Builds Record with Great Lakes and Climate Change
Editorial, The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (NY) – September 26, 2008

Waukesha Should Get Lake Water, Report Says
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – September 25, 2008

Is The Great Lakes Compact Strong Enough?
Finance and Commerce (MN) – September 25, 2008

Enviros Angry as State Allows More Columbia River Water Use
Seattle Post Intelligencer – September 25, 2008

"Water Wars" Author Says Freshwater Tension Still Continues (MN/WI) – September 25, 2008

Author: Great Lakes Plan Averts Water Wars
The Duluth News Tribune (MN) – September 25, 2008

President's Pen is Critical to Great Lakes
Editorial, The Superior Daily Telegram (WI) – September 25, 2008

Make Water Conservation a Goal for All
Editorial, Detroit Free Press – September 25, 2008

What the Great Lakes Compact Means for Bottled Water
US. News and World Report – September 24, 2008

Not Out of My Backyard
Editorial, The St John's Telegram (Ontario) – September 24, 2008

Keep Up Pressure to Restore Lakes
Editorial, The Holland Sentinel (MI) – September 24, 2008

Watershed Deal Aimed at Protecting Great Lakes
The Globe and Mail (Canada) – September 24, 2008

Concerned About Drinking Water from Plastic Bottles? You're Not Alone
MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal – September 24, 2008

Consider Water Use, EPA Tells Builders
The Arkansas Democrat Gazette – September 24, 2008

Reaction to House Passage of the Great Lakes Compact
Chicago Tribune – September 23, 2008

Se. Jauch Praises Compact Ratification
Commentary, (MN/WI) – September 23, 2008

Great Lakes Water Treaty Heads to President's Desk
Chicago Public Radio – September 23, 2008

House Approves Great Lakes Compact
USA Today (AP article) – September 23, 2008

Steps to Save the Great Lakes
Midmorning – Minnesota Public Radio – September 23, 2008

Michigan Lawmaker Stupak Seeks Delay on Approval of Great Lakes Compact
The Appleton Post-Crescent (WI) – September 23, 2008

Tucson Slips in Sustainability Thanks to Water Supply
The Arizona Daily Star – September 23, 2008

Ban Near on Diverting Water from Great Lakes
The New York Times – September 22, 2008

Stupak to Oppose Lakes Compact in U.S. House
Associated Press – September 22, 2008

U.S. House Set to Vote on Great Lakes Water Treaty
Chicago Public Radio – September 22, 2008

Cowles to Be Honored for His Work on Compact
The Green Bay Press-Gazette (WI) – September 22, 2008

Great Lakes Measure to Be Voted on Monday
The Ashtabula Star Beacon (OH) – September 22, 2008

Should Ireland Introduce Charges for Domestic Water Use?
Editorial, The Irish Times – September 22, 2008

Breaking the Bottled Water Habit
Commentary, USA Today – September 22, 2008

Governor Urges Congress to Support Lakes Pact
WBAY-TV (WI) – September 21, 2008

Great Lakes Deserve Equally Great Protection
Editorial, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – September 20, 2008

Water on The Mind
Commentary, (WI) – September 19, 2008

Protecting Great Lakes Water May Soon Be Easier
KARE 11-TV (Minneapolis, MN) – September 19, 2008
Watch the Video Here

Planet is Running Out of Clean Water, New Film Warns – September 19, 2008

Clock Is Ticking on Great Lakes Compact
Editorial, The Buffalo News – September 19, 2008

Close Loop in Great Lakes Compact, Then Pass It
Editorial, The Bay City Times (MI) – September 19, 2008

Company Says It Has Water Pipeline Route Deal in Southern California
Associated Press – September 18, 2008

Millions of Gallons of Water Use Approved
The River Reporter (NY) – September 18, 2008

Region's Rapid Growth and Water Demand Drives Pipeline Project from Lake Ontario
The Daily Commercial News (Toronto) – September 18, 2008

China Taps Emergency Water for "Grim" Beijing
Reuters – September 18, 2008

San Diego City Council Discusses 'Drought-Response' Plan
San Diego Union Tribune – September 18, 2008

NYC Tap-Water Bottled, Sold in Local Stores For $1.50 – September 18, 2008

Higher Waters on Great Lakes Helped Freighters Carry More Ore This Year
Duluth News Tribune (MN) – September 18, 2008

Sault Ste. Marie Mayor Says Water Issues Top List of Concerns
The Sault Star (Ontario) – September 17, 2008

Review: Water Documentary "Flow" Dampens False Assumptions
The San Jose Mercury News (CA) – September 17, 2008

Bottled Water – Election 2008
Editorial, Bay Today (Ontario) – September 17, 2008

Great Lakes Become Focus of Presidential Race
The Cleveland Plain Dealer (OH) – September 17, 2008

Tucson Man Perfects Art of Harvesting Rainwater
NPR – September 17, 2008

Mandatory Water Restrictions Loom in San Diego
Associated Press – September 17, 2008

Water Use Restrictions Now Mandatory in Philly Suburb
The Intelligencer (PA) – September 17, 2008

So. Cal. Water Resources Focus of Brainstorming Session
The Riverside Press –Enterprise (CA) – September 16, 2008

Plan Intended to Head-Off Statewide Battle over Water
The Amador Ledger Dispatch (CA) – September 16, 2008

Great Lakes Get Some Campaign Love
Editorial, Detroit Free Press – September 16, 2008

Obama Proposes $5B Trust Fund for Great Lakes
Chicago Tribune – September 16, 2008

Water Pipeline Plan Suspended Indefinitely
The Houston Chronicle – September 16, 2008

'Water Wars' a Bad Sign of the Times
Commentary, The Capital Times (WI) – September 16, 2008

Rep. John Proos Pushes Lakes Compact
WNDU-TV (IN) – September 15, 2008

Let the Faucet Slowly Drip: Loophole Shouldn't Stop Compact
Editorial, The Buffalo News (NY) – September 15, 2008

House Cannot Delay on Great Lakes Compact
Editorial, Detroit Free Press – September 15, 2008

Language in Great Lakes Compact has Flaw
Commentary, Detroit Free Press – September 15, 2008

New Rules Offer Effective Progress on Water Protection
Commentary, Detroit Free Press – September 15, 2008

Another View: Calif. Ag Industry Already Water-Wise
Commentary, The Sacramento Bee – September 14, 2008

Reaction to Lake Level Plan Varies
The Syracuse Post-Standard (NY) – September 14, 2008

Consider the Source in Setting Water Rates
Commentary, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – September 13, 2008

Lakes An Issue for Candidates
Editorial, The Watertown Daily Times (NY) – September 13, 2008

IJC Kills Unpopular Water-Flow Plan
The Cornwall Standard –Freeholder (Ontario) – September 12, 2008

Struggle over Great Lakes Water Levels Still at Sea
Editorial, The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (NY) – September 12, 2008

New Movie, 'Flow,' Looks at All Things Water and Dwindling Supply
Los Angeles Times – September 12, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere – Rethinking Bottled
Editorial, – September 12, 2008

Water Levels: IJC Delay Raises Shoreline Anxiety
Lockport Union-Sun Journal (NY) – September 12, 2008

Asia's Deep Water Crisis and Elusive Solutions
The Shanghai Daily (China) – September 11, 2008

Doyle Voices Optimism about Great Lakes Compact at Conference
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – September 11, 2008

Atlanta Water Use Down 20% from August, 2007
Atlanta Journal Constitution – September 11, 2008

Wisconsin Gov: Great Lakes Should Be a National Priority
Associated Press – September 11, 2008

Water Rates Rise Jars Flushing, NY Residents
The Flint Journal – September 11, 2008

Court Mulls Water Dispute in Coal-Bed Gas Drilling
CNN Money – September 11, 2008

Suffolk County Wants to Wean Residents Off Bottled Water – September 11, 2008

EPA Encourages Water Conservation
News Release, EPA – September 10, 2008

Great Salt Lake Level Approaches Record Low
AP Article on – September 10, 2008

Bottled Water Debate Splashes Congress – September 10, 2008

Water Agency May Kill Farmers' Discount
The San Diego Union Tribune (CA) – September 10, 2008

Protecting an Extraordinary Spectacle
Commentary, The Niles Daily Star (MI) – September 9, 2008

Panel Scraps Lake Ontario Water-Level Plans, Seeks Government Input
The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (NY) – September 9, 2008

New Ideas for Saving Ag Water
The Fresno Bee (CA) – September 9, 2008

Great Lakes Water Rights Spill into Vote
Columbus Business First (OH) – September 9, 2008

Northern Ill. Water Demand Could Increase 64 Percent by 2050
Oak Brook Business Ledger (IL) – September 8, 2008

Study Says Calif. Farmers Can Profit by Saving Water
San Jose Mercury News (CA) – September 8, 2008

Water Conservation Boosters in Fremont
The Lake County News-Sun (IL) – September 8, 2008

Port Authority Adopts Resolution in Support of Great Lakes Compact (WI/MN) – September 8, 2008

IJC Makes The Right Choice
Commentary, The Syracuse Post-Standard (NY) – September 8, 2008

Does Global Warming Mean We're Losing Lake Erie?
The Sandusky Register (OH) – September 7, 2008

Water, Water – Not – Everywhere
Commentary, Springfield News-Leader (MO) – September 6, 2008

Panel Shifts it Stance on lake Ontario Levels
The Syracuse Post-Standard (NY) – September 6, 2008

IJC Plan 2007 Dead
WWTI-TV (NY) – September 5, 2008

Lawmaker Seeks Assurances on Great Lakes Pact
Associated Press – September 5, 2008

Not So Fast: Stupak Sees Devil in the Details of Great Lakes Pact
The Bay City Times (MI) – September 5, 2008

California Revives Program to But Water from Farmers
The Los Angeles Times – September 5, 2008

Report Sounds Alarm on Arkansas Water Supply
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette – September 5, 2008

End of Water Wars over Truckee River
North Lake Tahoe Bonanza (CA) – September 4, 2008

Must Close Loophole on Great Lakes Compact
Editorial, The Gary Post-Tribune (IN) – September 4, 2008

California 'Water Bank' in Works Amid Drought
Reuters – September 4, 2008

Upper Great Lakes Remain Below Average
The Sault Star – September 4, 2008

Los Angeles Park Workers Ignore 'Drought-Buster' Law
The Los Angeles Times – September 4, 2008

Farmer Campaigns Against Schwarzenegger's Water Plan
Associated Press – September 3, 2008

Tap is Tops: Officials
The Province (Canada) – September 3, 2008

How We Use Water Is More Crucial Than Turf We Plant
The Orlando Sentinel (FL) – September 3, 2008

No More Bottled Water
Washington Business Journal (DC) – September 2, 2008

Obama Answers Questions about Nation's Water Supply
The Milwaukee Examiner – September 2, 2008

Exporting Bulk Water is the Wrong Way to Go
Commentary, The Montreal Gazette – September 1, 2008

Loophole Feared in Great Lakes Accord
The Buffalo News (NY) – September 1, 2008

If Great Lakes Drop, Hydro Power is Likely Affected – September 1, 2008